About Destined4This

Destined4This, Inc, was born of love for Christ and a deep desire to serve Our Lord and King alongside His Most Holy Mother Mary. The initial seed planted for this Non-Profit began in October 2008 and throughout the next 15 years slow and gradual progress was made. It was not until October 2018 that the seed finally began to bear fruit while its founder, Ellen Holmes Steeves-LeBlanc, was on Pilgrimage in the Holy Land. There was a deep calling to assist Pilgrims who otherwise would never be able to experience the fullness of Pilgrimage to be able to GO!!! The idea of a Scholarship Program that would assure that every plane or bus that departed for a Pilgrimage would have 2 “Scholarship” Pilgrims on them who otherwise would never have the opportunity to experience pilgrimage! These pilgrims can be the laity or priests and/or religious servants of Christ.

As the plant began to blossom and find its roots deepening, the vision expanded to include a Vocational Discernment Scholarship for those who feel they may have a call to serve Our God, but because of the demands of this world are unable to afford the time to truly and deeply listen to and answer the call. This scholarship would allow the Seeker to have that time, whether it be a Day or a Month, determined upon the individual’s journey, to discern without the financial hardship it may incur to do so.

Then in June 2022 the rooted plant sprung forth and blossomed with Our Blessed Mother guiding the way and the Prayer part of Destined4This was revealed on pilgrimage to the Vatican approved Marian Apparition of Our Lady of Laus. Our Blessed Mother Mary wishes “Her” Priests to Pray the Rosary with their Sheep visibly AFTER MASS and for Our founder to GO to the Bishops of the world and implore them to “Arm Their Sheep for the Battle Ahead” by encouraging them to Pray the Rosary with their parishes and communities.