Mother Mary’s Prayer

The Rosary is the WEAPON for ALL Times. The purpose of Mother Mary’s Prayer is a Mission is to encourage the Bishops of the World to VISIBLY Pray The Rosary with their flocks after Mass with the Body & Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ flowing through their veins, our blood and His blood united. It is also to ask the Bishops to encourage the priests of their diocese to shepherd and Visibly pray with their sheep after Mass. The power of a priest holding in his hands the Rosary on the Altar and praying with his parishioners is invaluable! It is also the most efficacious time of all to Pray the Rosary and to honor Our Blessed Mother. The Rosary has stopped wars, healed the sick and saved souls throughout the centuries.  Through our Lord with our Mother’s intercession all things are possible. By supporting this Mission you will be assisting Ellen, the founder of Destined4This, to GO to the Bishops of the world to ask them to Lead their flocks in the Rosary after the conclusion of Mass. AVE MARIA!